In this day and age, war seems endless, our infrastructure both nationally and here in Oklahoma is crumbling, our manufacturing has been outsourced, and our government is non-responsive to us, often bought off by multinational corporations and special interest groups.  Our social, healthcare, education, and other public programs have been slashed to the bone.  Our nation’s youth are too often fighting our wars overseas or fighting to make payments on sky high student loans.  Financial institutions from the biggest banks to the smallest payday loan shops put profit before people and don’t care when lives are ruined in the process.  We have managed to build an economy that, at best, works well for a fortunate few, and leaves far too many hard working men and women behind.

I am running because that is not the America or Oklahoma I want to live in.  I want an economy that works for all of us.  An economy that meets the needs of all people.  I want an economy where having a job means financial security, and where home ownership is an achievable goal, not a far off dream for young people buried in student loan debt.

I know we can do this, because we have done it before.  We need to look at the best practices of our past.  After World War II, our nation and our state built a vibrant middle class on the basis of manufacturing, labor unions, and strong public education systems.  Yes, our modern economy is different than the post war economy, but many of the same principals apply.  We built a thriving middle class in this country before, and we can do so again.  We can make work rewarding and fulfilling, we can make an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the very top.