I believe everyone should be able to live out their life with dignity.  Economic assistance programs, like Social Security, are the backbone of retirement and family protection. They enable vast numbers of senior citizens, persons with disabilities and survivors to live independently. Social Security is the primary source of retirement for many citizens, and provides a stable income base for over 46 million Americans of all ages.

On a state level, we must increase funding for senior care centers and increase regulation and inspection so that we know those facilities are clean, safe, and the residents are well cared for.  We need to find ways to support families taking care of elderly parents or grandparents in their homes, as well as increase support to seniors still living independently.  We must protect Social Security, pensions, retirements, and other plans and programs that help seniors pay their bills and meet their needs.

Taking care of others, especially our parents and grandparents, is economically sound and morally correct.  I will work hard to see that our state government is there to help care for seniors now and for generations to come.